Places of interest

Bemm River rare FAUNA:

Hiding away in the bush and beaches at Bemm are a number of rare and amazing animals.


Little Owlett Nightjar:


The Little Owlet Nightjar can be found in the Bemm area. 
Its habit is to sun itself during the day, and leaves its roost to feed after dark. 

Paper Nautilus


Found on many of the surf beaches. This rare shell is a great find. The animal inside is actually an octopus. 

Bemm River Pelicans


Often trying to steal your catch around the fillet tables at the boat ramp.

Golden Bell Frog:


Fairly rare Golden Bell Frog, breed well and survive in numbers at Bemm River. They can be seen sunning themselves in the home garden. They call to attract a mate in the summer months.


Memorial Falls:


Located About 2.7 Klms off the Princes Highway.

S1600006.JPG IMG_1715.JPG

IMG_1713.JPG IMG_1703.JPG IMG_1709.JPG                                    

                        Little Cabbage Tree Falls:


Little Cabbage tree Falls are an ideal place to visit if the fishing and weather are not in your favour at Bemm River. A supurb waterfall cascading over granite boulders can be viewed from the viewing platform. 



                    The Falls can be located 10km off the Highway at Cabbage Tree Creek.