Easter 2018:





Brac Christmas Fishing Comp. December 2017

Below Macey Postill with 2 lovely Bream weighed in the Junior section


 Below: Club member Michael North with daughter Sienna

IMG_4618.JPG IMG_4621.JPGIMG_4622.JPG

Louise Cooper enjoyed the fishing club Comp.


New member Barry Jackson from Bairnsdale, with a lovely Bream, entered in the secret weight for men.


November 24th-27th

Lake Tyers Fishing Competition:


Don with new member Brett Lucas with a nice Bream.



Tony Blackford with a Trophy Flathead. Measured and returned to the water. Fish Measured 84cm. The club has used grant money to purchase 30 brag mats for the club.



 LEFT: Don Cunningham with a nice Bream (876 grams) caught on mussel.

RIGHT: New member Debra Gore with a nice Bream.



LEFT: Garry Ikin entered his Flathead into the Any Other Species secret weight section. 

RIGHT: Peter Barszuskyj fished the bank at Mill Point with great success.

October 2017

Bemm River vs Bruthen angling club


Geoff Pursell, the winner of the Col Sell Memorial Shield. Geoff also won the secret weight.


Flora Arnold from Bruthen with some lovely Bream caught off the bank at Bemm.


September 2017:

Peter McCoy, Claudio Motto and Mark Purvis on a recent trip to Rompin, Malaysia to target Sail Fish.



15th May 2016


Sienna North club member with a lovely bream.


Easter Long Weekend 2016


Melbourne visitor Joseph Grech fished Bemm for the first time and did very well on the Bream.

2nd February 2016:

Don fished with BRAC club member Rob Warren at Marlo in the Vic Bream Classic over the weekend. Much excitement landing this big dusky, returned to the water to  live another day.


28th January 2016

Macey Postil with a lovely bream , using pink fish grips she won in last years Easter Comp.


24th January 2016

Club member Stan Barker with a lovely bream , returned to the water.


Stan Barkers daughter Helen , Her First trip to Bemm.



10th January 2016

Members Kim Kelly, Peter McCoy and Hannah Willmott along with Aimee Willmott camped down at Pearl Point and had a great session on the salmon fishing in a close gutter with pilchard and surf poppers.


3rd December 2015


Dallas Smith from Bairnsdale with a Flathead landed at the River mouth (LEFT)

Bairnsdale Group  Chris Egan and Garry Smith with Fletcher East, Dallas Smith, Jackson Smith and Sam East after a great days fishing at the Bemm. (RIGHT)


19th November 2015:



Geoff Pursell Bemm River Angling Club member with a big Bream returned to the water. 

7th & 8th November 2015

Bemm River angling club held a fishing competition at lake tyers over the weekend. Members fished the lake in boats with some excellent fish being caught. Species caught included Bream, Trevally & Flathead.


Brac members Gavin Gilkerson & John McCoy with some nice Bream.

12189152_323147631142970_8471830156172793177_n.jpg 12191575_323147621142971_5755276188667738056_n.jpg

Peter McCoy with a nice Flathead and a supurb bag of Bream, trevally and Flathead.


A great time was held by all with a amazing turn out by all members who travelled.



25th October 2015


It is pleasing to see the size variation of the Bream stock in the Estuary. Both these Bream were landed and returned to the water at the same time.


15th October 2015


Brac Members Janet Pursell and Geoff Pursell with some quality bream caught in the lake.



October 10, 2015


Justin and Bob Wilson of Bairnsdale with a mixed bag caught on Sunday at Bemm River.

October 1st 2015

12096207_316795508444849_1823872702676426067_n.jpg            12063621_316795528444847_7411797974605502523_n.jpg

BRAC Members Peter McCoy, Paul Sanders and Hannah Willmott
with friends Bre Natoli and Lisa Chiuchiarelli with a great bag of
salmon and Trevally down at Pearl Point during the week. Fish
caught in deep gutter with even four rods going off at once! 

12079690_316795575111509_1008229229304642951_n.jpg     11990555_316795548444845_2654946412131960481_n.jpg



September 26th 2015

The angling clubs from Marlo and Bemm River, were invited to join with fisheries in an attempt to catch Estuary Perch for brood stock purposes.

Bemm River anglers had good success with lures and sandworm to catch some excellent quality Perch.



Pictured is Rob Warren from Bemm River Angling Club member with a lovely Estuary Perch.

September 16th 2015

S1600005.JPG         S1600001.JPG

John Pedersen and Don Cunningham with a lovlely haul of  Bream caught on sandworm in the Lake.

IMG_1694.JPG IMG_1689.JPG


September 13th 2015

Snapper Point Angling Club Cleans up at Bemm:

S1590004.JPG  S1590003.JPG

Snapper Point Angling Club President Dennis Berg with a solid Bream on their annual Fishing Trip to Bemm.


Rein Bluemink and son Robert from snapper point angling club with some great Bream caught over the weekend.

 August 31st 2015

 Enviornmental, Water and Climate Change Minister Lisa Neville helping release tagged Bass, fingerlings and Trout at Blue Rock Lake with Don Cunningham.


August 23rd 2015


Nice Bream caught by member Robert Warren on a hard body lure in the lake.


 11844061_10155928546890301_944419037_n_250x188.jpg      11880940_10155928584890301_202076938_n_188x250.jpg 

 Good bag of Salmon from team McCoy down the Surf using Pilchards and surf Poppers.

 image2_250x188.jpg   Untitled2_250x139.jpg

 May 2015


Reel McCoy Fishing Tours, surf competition down at pearl point.


Macey_Postil_winner_of_the_Junior_Girls_Section_with_Don_Cunningham.JPG  Tony_Dunbar_winner_of_the_Men_Secret_Weight_with_Don_Cunningham.JPG

Macey Postil and Don                              Tony Dunbar and Don

William_PlukeFullard_winner_of_Junior_Boys_with_Don_Cunningham.JPG  Kathy_Faff_winner_of_the_Ladies_Secret_Weight_with_Don_Cunningham.JPG

William Pluke-Fullard with Don                  Kathy Faff with Don