BEMM River Brag Mats


The club is now using brag mats to measure larger fish for some competition sections. These will be used in our Lake Tyers Trip in November. Mats were purchased with grant money from Fisheries Victoria. Sections for secret weights will still apply.


Janurary 2017

Pearch Release at Bemm

The Bemm River and Lake Tyers are sharing in 35,000 estuary perch fingerlings today to improve fishing opportunities.
These fish deliver on the State Government’s Target One Million commitment to implement a marine stocking program and get more people fishing, more often.
The Bemm received 10,000 fingerlings with help from Bob, Nicholas and Mitchell Medson of the Bemm River Angling Club (pictured).
Lake Tyers received 25,000.
These perch complement stockings last year, which was the first time the species had been stocked into the state's marine waters.
Estuary perch fingerlings released into Gippsland are the offspring of local parent fish collected with assistance from local club volunteers. Using local strain broodfish ensures stockings don't compromise the genetics of wild populations.
Estuary perch releases into Devilbend Reservoir on the Mornington Peninsula are showing encouraging signs with fly-fishers in particular catching lots of fish. 
Reports have also been received from the Werribee River, Melton Reservoir and Karkarook Lake.
Last month, more than 100,000 estuary perch were stocked into 9 lakes and rivers - learn more at
The state-wide fish stocking program is funded by fishing licence fees and Target One Million, which aims to grow participation to one million anglers by 2020.
 Arrival of the Perch fingerlings 6th January 2017 at Bemm River 

(Club member Bob Medson releasing the Perch with grandsons Mitchell and Nicholas)

August 2016

New Fishing Platforms at Bemm

Fantastic news as two of the new fishing platforms are completed.

Dolly,s Garden platform has had an upgrade, and a new fishing platform has been built near the drain on the river. They are protected from the wind , and will be ideal for fishing on the rough days. These platforms are already in use, and they lend themselves to some great family fun.



The plaque positioned on the platform near the drain is in memory of Don Ellis who represented amateur anglers across Victoria. The plaque has been supplied by Fisheries Victoria to commemorate Dons  imput  in helping achieve the wonderful results we see now.

August 2016

World Hobie Championships at Bemm.



More info visit:  

April 2016

Mulloway fingerling release last week at Tamboon. Brac Members helped down at Tamboon last week with the release of hundreds of Mulloway fingerlings into the Tamboom system. 


Don Cunningham with the fingerlings ready to be released.


Gerry Dalton also helping out with the release.

January 2016

5,000 Estuary Perch Fingerlings were released at Bemm River on The 4th of January. Coordinator for the release at Bemm Craig Ingram seen releasing the fingerlings.




Angling Club trip to Waterfalls:

16 members of the club enjoyed a visit  to the Little Cabbage Tree  Falls. A picnic lunch was enjoyed by all, finishing up with coffee at the Cabbage Tree Store.


S1870015.JPG   S1870011.JPG





August 2015

                 BEMM HISTORY FOR B.R.A.C.


  • The Bemm River Angling Club would like to collate a list of family names that have made Bemm their annual or regular destination and why.
  • This would be made into a record of historical importance, which could be of value to many, and maybe be displayed electronically and also at an appropriate venue.

We would like you to fill out the following Questionaire:
Email completed Questionaires to





Fishcare had a large number of Junior anglers enrolled on Friday the 2nd of January.

Children were given valuable tuition on angling techniques for 2 hours, after which the angling club provided a free barbecue for the families, as well as visitors to Bemm This activity is sponsored by Fisheries Victoria, and has become a popular activity each year at Luderick Point.

A welcome breeze added to what was a very pleasant day. The angling club had a lolly scramble for the children after lunch, as well as some rod and line handling practice . Six rod and reel combos were handed out to the children, rewarding them for their efforts.

A big thank you to the angling club volunteers who helped make the day a huge success, complimenting the wonderful work done by the Fishcare  volunteers.

                                      Don Cunningham