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October 23

Posted by megan on October 23, 2014

About 80mls of rain came in good time, the lake filled very quickly and was opened on Thursday the 16th of October.
        Easterley winds have prevailed since the lake opened, and has caused the lake levels to fall dramatically. It is many years since the lake has been this low. Visitors need to take care when launching and retrieving their boats. The ramp is almost out of the water during the low tide period.
        With very little tide coming into the lake, the water has remained quite brown,, and it would seem to be very fresh. The river is running at above average flow levels. It is a hard task to get a boat into the river at the moment. You would have to walk it in and a lot of boats would not make it.
      This is a very busy time, and the good news is that there have been some good catches of bream reported. Strong winds are providing challenging conditions, and visitors are picking the best times to fish. Mornings have been productive, and the Middle of the day often too windy.A session in the evening has been very worthwhile as the wind has settled down.
       Prawn and sandworm  have produced good results. Bream are fairly scattered, and the better fish can be found by moving away from the smaller bream.
      With a deep running entrance we can hope the prawn come in, and with the chance of Trevally, Taylor, and some Luderick could set us up for a good summer. The surf has been disappointing , and will remain tough while we are getting these Easterleys .
    The Angling Club welcomes the Bruthen  A/C this weekend 25th and 26th of October and we will be fishing for the heaviest Bream. We are invited to share a barbecue with them on Saturday night, and on Sunday at midday there will be a final weigh in, and dim sims and chips light lunch on the hotel balcony.
     Sales of tickets for our major raffle are being well supported and will be drawn on Melbourne Cup day at the hotel.
                      Don Cunningham


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