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October 2015

Posted by brac on October 2, 2015

Fishing Report 25th October 2015

The weather has been good after some very welcome rain. Anglers are finding Bream up the River,and they are spread out over a large part of the Lake.
Spawning seems to be happening in the lake, as well as in the river. Trevally are in the Estuary, as well as down the channel. Reports indicate that they have become part of most anglers bags whilst fishing for Bream. Flathead and Luderick seem to be more active this week, and maybe a good sign for the weeks to come.
The best two baits have been Sandwowm and Prawn, and the lure fishermen are being rewarded for their effort, using a range of hard bodies, vibes and plastics.
There has been very little sea water coming into the Lake, and the water in the Lake has discoloured a little since the rain.

East Gippsland Council have carried out some repair work on the ramp at Luderick Point, and this weekend, the ramp has performed much better. Frequent side by side launching and retrieving has happened, and our thanks to the Shire for this work. So far so good.


Bruthen Angling Club visited this week, and a great time was had by all.
The Bruthen club supplied and cooked a barbecue for everyone and we all had a great social evening.
The final weigh in took place on the hotel verandah on Sunday, the best two Bream weighing in at 1.050 kg and .927 kg. After the final weigh in, a light lunch was enjoyed by all, and we would like to thank Deb and Ray.

This week The Bemm Angling Club welcomed five new members to the club, and our membership continues to grow.


(Theo Vanderwerff  was presented with a club shirt and cap . He landed a lovely Bream that weighed .927 kg)

We journey to Lake Tyers on the 6th and 7th of November with 23 members hoping to enjoy a fun weekend.
                                     DON CUNNINGHAM

Fishing Report 10th October 2015

The Lake remains open, and the water is starting to clear. Tides are generally low, although most anglers are getting into the river. Some anglers have had good fishing in the River, and the Lake has been productive.

The warm sunny days have given anglers good opportunity, and fish have been caught off the fishing platform, as well as the fingerling jetty, and around the edges of the Lake.

Bream can be found in close, even though the water is shallow in places.

There has been the odd loner Salmon in the channel, as well as a few Trevally. Reports of King George Whiting in the Lake is a most welcome event. They are a good size, and are taking sandworm. Reports indicate the Whiting can be hard to find, however, fishing around the edges of the weed beds should be the best.

Very good quality Salmon have been landed at Pearl Point using Pilchards.

                 Don Cunningham

Fishing Report 1st October

Anglers are finding Bream in the River, and recent rain has caused the River and Lake to be very brown in colour. There has been very little tide movement into the Lake, and it will take some time to clear up.
Bream can be found in schools, and can be a good size, but small and undersized fish will be persistent .
Sandworm under a float, fishing after dark has produced great sport , and the warmer nights make for some exciting action. With the water low, the best areas for night fishing are near the weed beds.
Estuary Perch will take sandworm under a float. However, using this method , the Bream seem to be too quick for the Perch.
Some Salmon,Trevally and Luderick have been landed. The Salmon seem to be in poor condition, but put up an outstanding fight.
Recent consultation with The East Gippsland Shire, to do with the poor condition of the boat ramp, has resulted in a short term fix project to be carried out next week.
Despite the continuing rain, it is behaving as if the Lake could close soon.



Posted by David McBean on
Dom, there is a group of us arriving Friday for the weekend.
Is that true due to the state of the lake, that it may close?
Also, how hard will it be to get a boat in at the ramp to get over to the channel at the very least? I would imagine entry to the river will be impossible?
Posted by Don Cunningham on
The lake remains open, access to the river by boat is still ok.
Boat ramp is still very functioning.
(Don Cunningham)
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