May 18 2013

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May 18 2013

Posted by megan on May 18, 2013

May 18th fishing report

The lake is very high & is offering good Bags of Bream. With some superb sunny days in abundance visitors & locals are reaping the rewards.

Afternoon has been best, frozen prawn continues to take fish. I like getting out early so as to get that sunrise bite. Plastics have been good for me, in particular the Bushy’s wriggler in the 100mm. vibes & hard body lures are good but do need technique to get them to work.

I have fished with some experts using hard body’s & continue in anticipation of one day becoming proficient with them. It has been a learning curve for me, the more I do the better I get.

Finding the Bream can take some time but once onto a patch you can get a few days out of it.

I have done a lot of bait fishing lately with friends & find that the Bream are very spooky, sometimes 1 or 2 fish then the small fish take over, so I move maybe 100 metres & find that good fish will come along quite quickly. Another tip is to check your bait every 3-5 minutes even if you’ve not seen a bite, I would then cast into a different area. I love it when an up the front cast attracts a big run within a few seconds.

It’s that time of year for me to walk the beach for Salmon on lures, recent catches have indicated we are in for a good time ahead. There will be water over the Pearl Point Rd till the lake is opened. The surf reports I’ve had have come from all the beaches.

A recent catch off the bank off Fingerling Jetty should remind us that there is always a chance of getting bream off the fishing platform.

When the water goes all of this will change so I intend to do an immediate report to share this information.

Don Cunningham


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