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June 2015

Posted by brac on June 7, 2015


The Lake closed early this week, and the water has risen 50cm due to the strong River flows.

The Bream have been hard to find, with a lot of undersized Bream in the channel. Luderick have been caught on the snags in the River, and have been a great option. Sandworm has worked well, and by holding a lightly weighted bait just off the bottom has attracted plenty of bites.

There seems to be a range of sizes up to 2 kg, and they take some getting out of the snags.

Reports of multiple boats fishing the same snag, is an indication of how the fish congregate in such small areas. It’s early days yet, and just how far up the River the Luderick are, will become clear, and as the water rises, the snags will get hard to find.

       With great weather prevailing over the last ten days, I have had some success landing a few nice Bream on frozen prawn. Our best day was on Thursday using our lure rods with a purple and black vibe with great results. We seem to be getting into the action with the Bream, and that could explain how well the vibes worked.

       Birds were active, and they seem to be following schools of bait fish. It is a good sign, as in other years Taylor have hunted these schools, and the birds are feeding on the scraps.

 The Lake water temperature is just below 10 degrees now, and the best fishing has been in the deepest water. I will be watching the birds from now on, and be guided by their behaviour to find the Bream.

  The Surf has been frustrating. Only a few Salmon coming in until now, with a lot of bait been taken by crabs. I walked the beach, fishing my way along, using a 40gm blue and silver metal lure, and landed a couple of Salmon ( about 1kg each ) The gutters are well defined and look promising , so hope to see some  improvement soon.    

                                              Don Cunningham


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