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Posted by megan on July 22, 2013

Fish report 14/7/13


Great weather, great fishing it’s a beautiful time to be at Bemm. I’ve had some excellent bags over the last couple of weeks. Prawn & sandworm are doing the job however the smaller Bream are prevalent, for what it’s worth I move a lot. You seem to get the better fish straight away. There are some thumpers in the mix so if if you can put 6 or 7 Bream over 30cm in the bag they look pretty good.

The river will be an option from now on with a bit of exciting action at Dolly’s Garden, this week saw Luderick & Yellow eye Mullet were to be had. It’s been a real challenge muscling them out of the snags.

We’ve not seen Mullet for years so I think a trip up the river could be most productive. It takes time but at least you know there are fish around.  The Bream may be there too just like last year. I’ve seen a few boats go up even though the water is low.

The beaches are fishing well you’ve got to be early for Salmon & Taylor, not much to report from the channel however the next bit of rough seas could change things.

For lure fisho’s Bemm’s the place, vibes have worked as well a Squisgey Wrigglers taking good numbers.

Mark is curing sandworm which I’ve been using & comparing to fresh worm. So I can report that I’ve caught Trevally, Mullet, Luderick & Bream on the cured worm. I’ve left it in the boat overnight, I’ve refrozen it & used it days later with good results this seems to be a wonderful innovation.

Don Cunnigham


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