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January 30 report

Posted by megan on January 31, 2013

January 30th fishing report

We’ve had a wonderful start to the year, most of our regulars would agree on that. Flathead are still the target for visitors. What a revelation & I think this could go on in the years to come. We must observe the size & bag limits that apply. There is potential for us to over fish the flathead. This is already impacting on the size of the fish being taken at Lake Tyers & Mallacoota.

In over 60 yrs of coming to Bemm I have never seen such quality of fish as the ones I have seen being cleaned at the cleaning tables. Not only do Flathead cook up wonderfully but they also provide great sport.

The Bream are spread around the shallows now & are taking live & frozen prawn.

With the lake closed & rising slowly it would seem that fishing right into the Tea tree banks just like last year will give the best results.

Lures are working well & our river anglers are having exceptional results, Perch are to be targeted in the snags. Bream appear just under the surface at times & are visible. These fish require expertise in lure presentation to coax them to bite. I speak with experience, my presentation is well below scratch. Let me explain. I have on a few occasions quietly moved up to a bunch of big bream clearly visible, quite unperturbed by my presence until I presented my lure which seems to scatter them& they don’t come back.

Successful anglers I have spoken with indicate this is normal but for themselves they do come back. I have had some success with Bream & the occasional Perch generally from the deeper presentation of lures.

I think this is a good indication of what is required , perseverance firstly & secondly try to replicate what these successful anglers are doing but most importantly the more you do the better you become.

These anglers practice catch & release & fish the river for the challenge that it holds. Their success can be measured by the amount of times they return to fish at Bemm.

We are a very diversified lot, & well we need be at Bemm as we have an amazing list of fishing features. The new fishing platform has been an outstanding option with families enjoying the chance to catch Bream or Flathead from it.

Just to see boys & girls walking rods in hands a packet of prawns in the bucket & heading for the platform. It doesn’t get much better. I spotted a bunch of young ones leaving the platform with a shopping bag with a Flatty sitting on top of 6 or 7 good sized Bream. They were telling me about how good it had been, but that the fish had stopped biting. One of the boys informed me quite seriously that the fish would come back on the bite after dark, I believed him. This was some words of wisdom from a boy about  12 going on 55.  It gets better they’re on youtube on a fishing video program so look out for it.

Don Cunningham


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