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August 20th Fishing report

Posted by megan on August 21, 2013

Fishing report 20/8/13


Some visitors come a long way to fish & it gets pretty frustrating when Melbourne weather is so bad & they are saying how good it is at Bemm. Last weekend was a good example, the Knox Angling Club had planned their trip weeks ago so most of them set sail for Bemm expecting the worst. But to their relief the weather was fine & the fishing was about as good as it gets.

I went to their weigh in on Saturday at 5pm & witnessed their forty or so members who had taken part. The quality was excellent & I must say it seemed to be a well organised event. Not to mention a bunch of pretty happy anglers.

Jay & his mate travelled from Taralgon for the day, thay had never been to Bemm & had phoned late Friday to get a last minute weather update. What a day, they had 5 Bream to take home plus they had released many more. Prawn & sandworm did the job, anywhere in the lake seemed productive.

Bank fishing at Bemm is usually challenging, so it is pretty special when you can recommend the river to visitors with a degree of certainty. At the moment Dolly’s Garden is holding good numbers of Luderick, and being sheltered from the prevailing westerly’s has been a good option. One angler had a great time fishing from the platform just above Dolly’s Garden which is about 8’ above the water & a bit back from the bank which makes it awkward to lift & land a fish. The older boy told me he jumped down & wrestled the fish from the bank.

The beaches have been pretty wild this week so far, however Pearl Point & Py-oot have been the best. The channel is patchy & reports are indicating that the Salmon are around but you need to catch the tide running up to get the best results.

This full moon combined with the big tides provides a great opening to the ocean so I look forward to a variety of fish coming in & it should encourage the Prawn spat to get sucked into the estuary just what we need.

Don Cunningham  


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