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April 2016

Posted by brac on April 4, 2016



The Lake is very high, and fishing remains quite productive, with Bream spread throughout the system.

The weather has been very calm on many days, which can be hard work.

Bream can be a challenge when these periods come along. It is important to move quietly into your chosen area. The best times are early morning, or preferably if there is some wind to create a ripple on the water.

The Channel has produced some great sport. Trolling for a Taylor, or bait fishing for a Bream is always worth a try. A 40cm Bream is always possible at Bemm.

The surf has been a great option, with Salmon the main feature. Pearl Point is holding good quality fish, which augers well for the winter.

                                          DON CUNNINGHAM.







Great weather and excellent fishing hallmarks the angling over the autumn so far .


The Prawn are prolific, but very small. The size hasn't mattered, as they have produced excellent quality fish.


The Lake is quite high, and the water is rising slowly.


Good sized Bream have been caught in the deeper water, however good results have also been had in the shallows.


Flathead are spread out now, and are still being landed when fishing for Bream. Taylor have been caught in good numbers using shiny lures. Trolling is popular, as they are wide spread. One large Taylor weighed in at 6.4 kg and was caught on bait this week.


The channel is holding good numbers of Bream, Taylor and Trevally, and providing some excellent sport.


The surf is fishing well producing quality Salmon. Pearl Point is worth the long drive, as most of the reports indicate its value.


All members are reminded that our next angling club meeting is Tuesday the 19th of April at 6 Pm at the community centre. All welcome. 


                               DON CUNNINGHAM.

Easter Fishing Report Easter 2016

The full moon period had many features. It made prawning almost impossible, so frozen prawn was the mainstay for bait, along with sandworm which was brought in by a few.

The Lake and channel fished well, and many fish were weighed in. The size of the fish was really great, and early morning was a very productive time.

The weather was cool with windy periods, and the noticeable aspect was everyone had quiet times during the day. Land based anglers worked hard for sized fish, with a lot of small Bream returned to the water.

Trolling lures between the River mouth and channel for Taylor has been rewarding, and a late report indicates large Taylor are being landed from the fishing platform casting lures. Drifting for flathead down the channel has been worthwhile, and a few have been caught in the Lake.

The surf beaches had weed issues on most of them, but Pearl Point was the stand out beach producing good catches of large Salmon every day. The largest was weighed in by Ben McCoy/Smith and tipped the scales at 2.424 kgs.


A reminder that our next meeting will be held on Tuesday the 19th April at 6 p.m. at the community centre. Meal provided, followed by the meeting.

                                  Don Cunningham


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