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Posted by megan on June 25, 2013

Fishing report 24/6/13

Rain, flooding & dirty water. We’ve had it all & still raining as I write. I has an outing with Stan Barker last Friday 21st & it was nice to land some Bream. Using sand worm & prawn we fished over a large area with the best fish coming from the middle, we caught many throw backs which devoured a lot of bait.

I suppose comparing these small fish with previous bags has that element of the unknown about it & no doubt the flood does change what happens.

I just love Winter in Bemm, years ago Di & I would scratch a few days here & there, most time we had great fishing but best of all was the peace & quiet & so it is today. I fished Salmon those days as there seemed to always be a good run most of the time. However, when that spotter plane circled above you knew the fish would be gone.

At the moment there is a lot of dirty water along the beaches which may affect the surf, however I hope to get up for a try, using lures pretty soon.

Maybe there is a Perch or two out in the lake, so as the water clears up I have lots of options & intend to try & find the big Bream. Maybe they’re up in the west end of the lake. Stan’s an old dairy farmer he doesn’t mind those frosty mornings so he & I will be giving it our best shot.

“Living the dream”

Don Cunningham


Posted by Bill on
Hi Don I am coming to the Bemm tomorrow and hope to fish on wednesday do you have any news on how the fishing is at present. Thanks Bill
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